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Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is the application of a monochromatic coherent non visible light to stimulate faster and stronger tissue healing as well as to relieve acute and chronic pain. Laser therapy is a noninvasive, effective way to treat and manage many different conditions.

Stated simply, laser therapy uses light to heal the body from within on a cellular level. The laser beam stimulates the damaged cells and tissues to accelerate tissue repair and cell growth. It also increases blood flow to the targeted area, thereby reducing inflammation so that healing can begin sooner. By reducing inflammation, the laser is also a great tool for helping to minimize the pain of many chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

Laser treatments are noninvasive, nontoxic, and have no side effects. Laser therapy is a pain-free, surgery-free and drug-free treatment, which is used to treat a variety of conditions and can be performed in conjunction with other treatment protocols. Your animal might feel a slight warm sensation as the light enters the tissue and cells, but it is very minimal if at all. Most pets find laser therapy relaxing and feel no sensation during treatments. Dogs, in particular, find treatments calming and some experience it much like a massage or good petting session. For some pets, pain reduction is immediate and experienced instantly following the treatment.

Typically, a series of treatments is recommended. The number of treatments can vary greatly based on the condition being treated. The positive effects are cumulative, meaning the more treatments your pet receives, the more improvement you see. In many cases, a degree of improvement will be seen after the first visit, but many pet owners notice a positive difference within three or four treatments. Over time, the interval between treatments can increase as the positive results last longer. We are not able to guarantee the results on every animal. However, laser therapy has been proven to be effective in clinical studies and in rehab settings in both human and veterinary medicine. There are over 30 years of research, which supports the efficacy of this alternative treatment.

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